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What is more convenience than E-commerce

Since Iphone and HTC have been published I started to take notice of the innovation of technology is developing so rapidly that made mobile Internet being very popular and useful. Almost everyone has portable devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and e-books readers that help them to get access to the Internet everywhere. Internet nowadays is not about email, chatting, reading news, it is also about shopping getting involved.

I was very surprised when I saw my cousin wear new dress, even though she stayed at home with me all the time. She revealed that she bough it from the Internet. I was surprised because hadn’t shopping online before and secondly because the dress fitted like it was made for her. That was the first time that persuaded me to trust shopping online.

Another occasion I waited for my friend in Starbuck, I saw a group of girls were looking pictures and shopping online on ASOS by Ipad. They talked about the girl in the pictures and her style. The girl who liked most about the style she immediately shared on Facebook. After while some of them clicked to buy some thing in the website.

Shopping online is so easy and fast. Just a click and you can get the product affront of your house. People can share it through social network such as Facebook and talk about that. That reminds me about a friend of mine names Trang. While she was considering to chose one of two hand bag that she liked most, she posted both pictures of the product and the price and she asked for advice. After minutes more than 40 comments appeared just talking about handbags. The advantages Trang got as consumer that she had nice chat with her friends. She could share and ask advice to make decision just sitting and home and purchase the product buy clicking a mouse. What is more convenience?!

What is much important that some can get discount or cheaper price compare to traditional shopping. E-commerce satisfies sides, seller and buyer. Twinkletoes one of user shares that she had bargained a handbag – Marc Jacobs from preloved.com with price of 100 euro instead of 1000. Some girl got the handbag as a gift but she didn’t use it. The buyer was completely happy.