Planning for you Facebook Page

What is the visibility plan for your Facebook page? There is an ongoing discussion about how to show up in the news feed on Facebook and why it’s so important…about 90% of Facebook users do all their interaction via the news feed…not on your page!

In an impromptu webinar on Facebook, Mari Smith shared a link to a white paper by Buddy Media about Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm and what you can do to consistently show up in your fans’ news feed. I addressed a few ways in my post 6 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans. However the white paper goes deeper and explains EdgeRank which is a mystery to me.

The white paper (you have to opt in to get the download link) shares 10 tips with examples on how to optimize the content on your page giving you a better chance to stay in front of your fans.

With nearly 700,000,000 users on Facebook, it’s a good bet your ideal client is hanging out there at some point during their week. If they are looking for and getting content they want on social networks, then you need to be strategic to get their attention so you’re not wasting your time and effort.

The white paper will give you some ideas about what type of content you can create to get noticed. Then, you need a plan


To create a plan, you need to be clear about the goals of your business and what outcomes you want from your business page.

Generate leads?

Build community?

Drive traffic to your blog or website?

Establish your business as a go-to resource in your industry?

Next, what type of content will help you achieve your goals? Certainly you’ll want to mix it up using text, multi media like images and video, and directly engaging with those who actively comment and like your content.

Always, you need to be clear about what you want people to do: like, comment, go to your blog, download a report, etc. The key to staying visible in the news feed is to have engagement and action on your content. With some experimentation, you’ll discover where you get the most action (remember people like to talk about themselves and their experiences so take that into account when crafting your plan!). For example, without fail, Brag About Your Blog Day always gets hundreds of comments and likes and shares. It’s a win for my fans who get to promote their blog and I get to learn about what people are up to, what they’re blogging about and yes, increase my visibility in the news feed.

My guess is though, that most small businesses do not have a Facebook visibility plan. Posting is haphazard at best and content is random (maybe thatis the plan). While I support spontaneity and think it’s important for getting time-sensitive info and current events in front of  your followers, it’s also important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and know how you’re going to get it.

Do you have a Facebook visibility plan? If you do have a plan, how’s it working for you – are you achieving the goals you set for your business on Facebook?


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