Pepsi Pulse: When beverage business does e-magazine

I ) Pepsi had announced on their own main website on 3/4/2012 that Pepsi officially launch first global campaign named “Live For Now”. The stress of this Campaign is not only bringing to fans the hottest News every time, the information that focus on culture/entertainment, they also connect all the fans from all around the world desire to capture the excitement of now.

The announcement is as bellow:

  • Brad Jakeman, president, Global Enjoyment Brands, PepsiCo said, “‘Live for Now’ is considerably more than a positioning statement or a single ad creative – it is the central governing idea for the brand globally. Pepsi has always inspired people to embrace the ‘now’ by being at the epicenter of, and helping to define, pop-culture. ‘Live for Now’ embodies a mind-set that is true of Pepsi loyalists around the world, while still connecting with a large and growing number of consumers who share the same values. It will enable the brand to deepen its global equity in a relevant and authentic way, and has already inspired a differentiated way of thinking about brand behavior across the entire Pepsi global marketing system.”
  • Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer, Pepsi Beverages Company, added, “The ‘Live for Now’ positioning will inform the way Pepsi behaves as a brand and is a fantastic filter through which to create exciting and innovative partnerships with some of the world’s leading artists and entertainment properties. We are excited to be announcing a series of exclusive partnerships in the U.S. over the next few months that will breathe life into ‘Live for Now’ and offer one-of-a-kind experiences for our fans.”

I am personally very impressed of this Campaign platform in the U.S. that this Digital Platform is named Pepsi Pulse. The Pepsi Pulse is described like that:

  • The interactive digital platform will operate in real time, curating and serving up trending pop-culture content, entertainment news and consumer incentives. Pepsi Pulse has several features, including an interactive display of pop-culture news content and interaction with celebrity visitors.

In other words, Pepsi Pulse uses Social Flows helping Pepsi to release precise News relating to culture/entertainment in the fastest way. Pepsi Pulse also connect to Twitter of celebrities of all around the world + special hashtag (e.g. #oscar, mtvaward…) to bring various hottest information in real-time. How to “Live For Now” if the we update slowly. Pepsi is the first company signs an exclusive contract with Twitter as music partnership. That also enables Twitter users to watch concerts (sponsored by Pepsi) and to listen to music that was hot today.

I would say that is very exciting to visit This is the first time ever I have seen a much dynamic website from a beverage producer. Here we can see how technology has been appreciated in Pepsi’s strategy. An of course, this is the first time I have seen a business website that does not contain much information of itself.

Since the last two months, I am so glad to see that Coca Cola also changes its direction (strategic) to content. I have wondered what would Pepsi do while Coca Cola has strong changes inside in a amazing way like that.

Although, Pepsi Pulse might have its own challenges itself. Pepsi considered to close Refresh Everything (One of meaningful and big social project ) to make a turn and concentrate for Pepsi Pulse, Pepsi would spend lot of time and working hours to maintain for Pepsi Pulse bringing informative to people. On the other words, a pretty website would just keep visitors 1 – 2 times, if it expects people to come regularly, the website must be for sure express something more than just a skin. It requires Social Flow to solve many mathematical question in technological absences, information of entertainment, culture… is very much, to organize and make what important and hot to be appeared on top is not an easy question.

One of interesting point in Pepsi Pulse is the advertising banner of Pepsi itself. What do you think you would see if you click on the Pepsi can? Pop-up banner? Sub-site? No, it is just a sound of opening the can, a creative way to use sound in the website.


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