Pinterest Marketing : Women Inspiration Day by KOTEX

Pinterest, a social network with 97% users are women, it allows to collect and share pictures to create to their own “Pinboard” and follows other’s as well.

The online world is so large so that finding information in there is really hard. If you know what you want, Google, Yahoo or Amazon can help you. But if you don’t,  Pinterest may help you to discover.

According to Comscore (in March 2012), Pinterest has more than 17.8 million users. The number of users is increasing rapidly. This source is much more reliable than Facebook showing that it is a good chance to approach to potential customers.

However, this social network is so new that it has not many successful marketing campaigns. How to marketing effectively on Pinterest is still a big question with lots of marketers’ brain in all over the world.

The Pinterest Marketing is considered as the first in the world with the name “Women Inspiration Day by KOTEX”.  KOTEX has approached 50 women in Israel and surveyed what inspiriting them. Since KOTEX has made lots gift with particularly content on their Pinterest Board, and the gifts became very unique  and finally reached those women’s interests.

Let’s see how KOTEX had done.


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